The project

CIRS-LAS (Critical Incident Reporting System – Laboratory Animal Science) is an inter-institutional, Europe-wide reporting system for the anonymised acquisition and analysis of unplanned or unexpected incidents in laboratory animal science.

CIRS-LAS is oriented on the 3R principles: reduction of the number of test-animals, refinement of experimental studies, treatment safety and replacement of animal studies through non-animal studies whenever possible:

  • By the collection, analysis and sharing of information on incidents and complications in the context of experimental studies, animal keeping and animal breeding
  • To be able to act appropriately in the future and to prevent further incidents by learning from problem situations ( especially so-called “near-misses”).
  • By publication of proposed solutions, tips and tested measures, to elevate the safety in laboratory animal science

Operating principles


Similar human medical online systems are also based on anonymous reporting.

The implementation of an critical incident reporting system for laboratory animal science and clinical veterinary medicine is urgently needed.

Certified institutions or institutions that work under consistant standards must implement a risk management procedure and employ a commissary for risk management. The staff should be able to report critical incidents anonymously and sanction-free through an easily accessible and manageable critical incident reporting system.