Project Status

Information on the current development-stage of CIRS-LAS:

  • Initially, the portal was started as an demo version. The first version served as a prototype while other features of the portal were still in development and testing phases. Incidents can be reported from the start and are always treated confidentially.
  • At this point, CIRS-LAS has reached productive state and has received registrations from several European countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). Reportings will be published in the member area after review.
  • Furthermore, the following steps are planned for the future:
    [OK ] Multi Language Support (English, German)
    [       ] Implementation of a verified and secured data transfer to the portal
    [       ] Support for upload of various file formats while reporting
    [       ] The question of limited access rights  and how to ensure the authentity of reportings will be discussed.
  • Subsequently, the database for the collection and storage of the reported incidents will be improved. The state of development of the portal and reported incidents will be presented and analysed in the context of upcoming symposia.